Committed to making your Bridal Henna experience cherish able for years to come.

Bridal Packages

Coverage is categorized as how high would you like to wear your henna beyond your wrist and ankle.

Intricacy is categorized as "traditional" and "bespoke/intricate rajhistani" henna.
Traditional package covers indo-khaleeji, indo-arabic, Jewelery, AshKumar and simple Rajhistani (includes bride, groom, elephants, peacocks, musical instruments, Shri Ganesh, OM etc) style Henna.
Bespoke/Intricate Rajhistani package caters to the brides, who would love to wear their love story and/or intensive figure work or super intricate Pakistan's Famous Kashee's style henna (aka. Bohri). You will get unique personalized design based on the details of your love life including skylines, landscapes, Monograms, symbols, dancers, bidai bride, palki and much more.

Maharani - Diamond

This package caters to a traditional bride who wants to shine on her big day. This package offers traditional or Bespoke/Intricate rajhistani henna designs on both the tops and bottoms of your hands extending to  2inch  beyond the elbow  (upto 12 inches beyond wrist) with matching simple complimentary feet henna.

Feet Henna

Feet Coverage is customizable as per your desire. Let me know the coverage and intricacy you like and I would gladly provide the quote exclusively tailored to your requirements. Minimum Deposit will be required to secure your date.